Thank you for visiting my portfolio and taking a look at the projects I have created.

Graphic design and computer programming are not just day jobs to me. I spend my spare time learning and creating with each because it’s what I enjoy doing.

When solving problems, I love to think about usability, efficiency, concise code, and attractive interfaces. My goal is to make life easier by producing helpful and efficient software that is also visually appealing.

Please be patient as I create more project presentations to publish. I am currently in my last semester of college, so it will take me longer than usual to complete them.

If you are looking to hire me and are interested in what I’ve worked on, please view my experience on my résumé, connect with me on LinkedIn, or send me an email. Thanks again!

Thank you for viewing my projects.

Feel free to reach out whether you want my help on a project, to hire me full-time, or just want to connect. If you’d like to get updates about my projects, you can also follow me on Behance.